Teton School District #401 has put a strong emphasis on technology and its use in the classroom. The District has computer labs in all schools. Each building is connected with T-1 fiber providing a high-speed network. WiFi has been installed in all schools using local school funds, allowing students and staff to use mobile devices within their learning experience.

The Technology Committee acts on most of the policies and decisions made about technology within the District. The committee is also responsible for the District Technology Plan. The District superintendent, the Chief Technology Officer, building principals,  teacher representative from each building, and a community member serve on the committee.

Technology Mission Statement

Teton County School District # 401 will provide a sound educational foundation upon which students may build either vocationally or in higher education. We teach students to be responsible citizens, creative problem-solvers, and effective and discerning communicators as they function in our global society.


  • Utilize assessment tools to provide appropriate instruction and student growth.
  • Provide students with equal and opportune access to existing technologies for research, writing, and the creation of multi-media presentations specifically in the areas of language arts, social studies, and science.
  • Integrate technology to enhance the curriculum and student involvement in the classroom.
  • Equip classrooms and train teachers and administrators to become facilitators of learning using technology.
  • Provide an adequate infrastructure of technical assistance to keep all systems fully functional and updated.

Contact Information:

Telephone: 208.228.0142  fax: 208.354.2250