Welcome to the TSD 401's
Dual Language Immersion Program

What is Dual Language Immersion (DLI)?

Dual Language Immersion (DLI) is an educational model in which children learn academic content in English and the target language throughout their day at school. Teton’s DLI target language offered is Spanish.

TSD 401 uses a 50:50 model of instruction which means, students spend 50% of their instructional time in English and 50% in Spanish. All subjects K-5 are taught in both languages at different rations each year. See example below:


Why Dual Language Immersion?

The DLI program at TSD 401 strives to prepare students to become biliterate, bilingual, and participants in the global community. There are many benefits associated with dual immersion learning and biliteracy:

Dual Language Immersion Schools

Driggs Elementary K-3

Rendezvous Upper Elementary 4-5

Teton Middle School


Omar Ponce
DLI Program Director
[email protected]