TSD401 Fall Learning Options

This “quick guide” for parents was presented to the TSD 401 School Board last night for consideration as part of the plan for reopening schools. Admin team members added a couple of points of clarification: that the question asked on the left applies to ANY reason parents may face, not just COVID-related; and that there are differences between “virtual school” (in which students interact with their own teacher and lessons follow the in-person curriculum, remotely) and Teton Online School (which provides an option for students o accomplish the same educational goals, with a district-designated teacher for the grade, not necessarily their classroom teacher.)

Also, at its regular monthly meeting last night, the TSD 401 School Board tabled making a decision about the reopening plan proposed by the district admin team, asking for more details and a later school start date from the two extra days suggested.

The board meets again next Monday, August 17, at 5:30 pm in the old District Office. That meeting will be live-streamed here on Facebook.

The agenda for that special meeting will now be expanded to include the plan decision plus policy and other agenda items not discussed before adjournment last night. Next Monday’s meeting was previously scheduled to only open sealed bids from the two parcels of real estate currently available.

Also in the discussion last night, the board approved the plan for fall sports at Teton High. Board approval is required by the Idaho High School Activities Association before athletic competition can take place at THS.

All documentation related to last night’s agenda is available at this link — https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1o2vikirR1nQFMdjmDVapKMDGuThjG7Bd

The folder includes public comment letters, the draft plan, the revised calendar, the sports plan, and results of the recent survey of parents and staff, in which more than three-quarters of respondents favored in-person schooling.

The live stream of last night’s meeting, in three sections, is archived on the TSD401 Facebook page. Here’s the first section: https://www.facebook.com/TCSD401/videos/299564557954138/