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Vote Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, 8am – 8pm
Early voting now open at the Teton County
Courthouse (closes Friday, Nov. 2, at 5pm)

Renewing this levy will allow the district to:

  • Pay higher salaries than funded by the state
  • Attract and retain great teachers and staff
  • Hire more staff than the state funds, allowing for:
    • smaller class sizes
    • greater student support
    • additional counselors
    • Music and Physical Education teachers at the elementary schools
  • Keep important programs in our schools:
    • Full-day Kindergarten
    • Technology improvements (district-wide WiFi, Chromebooks for classrooms, and an updated website)
    • Student field trips, including Expedition Yellowstone for 5th graders
    • Winter Sports options (skiing, snowboard­ing, ice skating, swimming)

History of the levy

2007 $2 million/year supplemental levy
2009 $2.6 million/year supplemental levy
2011 $2.6 million/year supplemental levy
2013 $3.1 million/year supplemental levy
2015 $3.1 million/year supplemental levy
2016 $3.1 million/year supplemental levy (was passed 6 months early to allow for school bond planning)
2018 $3.1 million/year supplemental levy

Have questions?
Call (208) 228-5923
Details are posted at tsd401.org.

The Teton School District 401 Board of Trustees is asking patrons to renew the two-year supplemental levy of $3,100,000 per year. This is the same amount of operational funding requested and approved in 2016. The supplemental levy will continue important programs and recruit and retain high-quality staff in all positions in the district.

We appreciate your support of our local public schools.



What is a levy?2018-10-10T12:05:45-06:00

A levy is a property tax to help fund Teton School District 401 schools. Needs like higher salaries, additional staffing, and student programs are funded through this supplemental levy. Using a levy allows our school district to provide for ongoing needs and maintain a high-quality educational environment for students.

Why do we need this levy?2018-10-10T12:05:49-06:00

82% of districts in Idaho run supplemental levies

How is this different from the school bond passed in November 2017?2018-10-10T12:05:55-06:00

The school bond pays for building two new elemen­tary schools and renovations to four other existing schools. It does not include any funding for staff or programs. That is why the school district must again seek voter approval of this supplemental levy.

What will it cost the taxpayer?2018-10-10T12:06:02-06:00

For 2019, per $100,000 in taxable property: $166.02/ year or $13.84/month. For 2017, per $100,000 in tax­able property: $191.48/ year, or $15.96/month.

Why the decrease of $25.46/year for the same amount of levy?2018-10-10T12:06:07-06:00

The payment is a fixed amount divided by the total market value of property in Teton County, so as market value increases, the tax impact decreases. Market values for Teton County
(Assessor, Teton County, Idaho):
FY2019 net taxable market value: $1,867,236,168 FY2017 net taxable market value: $1,618,928,300 FY2015 net taxable market value: $1,392,779,520

This levy is 25% of the district’s general budget and pays for 15 % of our staff.

Teton School District works diligently to properly steward the financial investment of taxpayers. While adjustments have been made in the distribution of funds, the requested amount has stayed consistent.

Teton School District 401
Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme
Business Manager: Carl Church

Board of Trustees
Chris Isaacson, Chair
Nan Pugh, Interim Vice Chair
Mary Mello
Ben Kearsley
Board zone 4 position is currently vacant.

Contact emails posted at:
District, School Board Members

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