Requirements to serve

1. A resident of School Board Zone 2 (see State Approved School Board Trustee Zone Map, linked on the school district website, and posted at Teton County, Idaho GIS)

2. Registered Voter in Teton County, Idaho


To serve the remainder of the term, to the election of November 2023, service through December 2023, the elected candidate (from November 2023 election), would start new term January 2024, through December 2027.

Roles and Responsibilities

Click here to review board member roles and responsibilities

Interested Candidates

Please submit a letter of interest and a resume by email to Clerk Diane Temple, [email protected], by August 31, 2022, 5 pm MST.

Candidates will be expected to attend the September 12 School Board Meeting and be prepared to answer questions from the board regarding their interest in serving and qualifications.