Due to Idaho moving to Stage 2 of COVID protocol, fan limitations will be in place at Teton High School. Stage 2 limits the number of fans to 10 people per game. We will limit attendance to 1 fan for each player on the home team. Fans at each level (C team, JV, Varsity) must clear out of the gym at the completion of each game to make room for the next group of 10 to come in. Masks are mandatory for attendance. Each fan that arrives will sign in on a roster. No extra fans will be admitted. We will not be charging a gate while the stage 2 restrictions are in effect. We will not be allowing visiting fans at this time. Hopefully numbers will improve and we will move out of stage 2 soon. These protocols will be enforced. Please do not do anything that may jeopardize this opportunity for our student athletes. The games will be streamed on facebook live on the Teton School District 401 facebook page until our contract with the NFHS Network takes effect once the hardware installation is complete. You can also access the facebook stream at tsd401.org without a facebook account by clicking on the symbol at the top of the page. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these challenging times.