As per the sick leave bank bylaws “The Sick Leave Bank Committee shall determine the number of sick leave days each participant must contribute in order to keep the bank solvent. The committee shall also determine the number of total days needed in the bank to keep the bank solvent.”

Under this clause, the Sick Leave Bank Committee has concluded that on an annual basis the total number of days in the sick leave bank will be reviewed then the Sick Leave Bank Committee will evaluate the procedures accordingly. Below are current procedures:

  1. No days will be required to be donated in future years for those that have previously donated. Any new participants will be required to donate one (1) day to begin participating.
  2. Future requests to the sick leave bank will only require one (1) day where an employee’s salary will be reduced in full.
  3. Bereavement days will be allowed to be taken from the sick leave bank. Bereavement days can total five (5) days unless the sick leave bank committee allows for more. Use of bereavement days will not require all sick and personal days be used or the one (1) full day of salary reduction. Bereavement can only be used for parents, spouse, child, sibling, and grandchildren. Any bereavement allowed through the sick leave bank for other individuals than those reported above will be on a case by case basis, approved through the sick leave bank committee.
  4. If there becomes a case where an employee is not a member of the sick leave bank and has an event covered by the sick leave bank bylaws that employee may request use of the sick leave bank under the following conditions.
    1. The employee will automatically be enrolled in the sick leave bank the following year, with the donation of personal sick leave days(s).
    2. The employee will take five (5) full days of salary reduction.
    3. The employee is then subject to all sick leave bank bylaws.

    Procedure History:
    Adopted on: May 16, 2013
    Re-Adopted on: October 15, 2014