Due to the challenges of tragedies, crisis and supporting staff, we recognize the need for additional
support for staff. This is available now for school district staff and their immediate family members.

The school district is contracting with local mental health providers, to support staff through an
Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which specifically provides for counseling services. This will be
confidential and anonymous, no names or employee information will be shared with the school district.
You may contact any of the approved providers on this list, to schedule a counseling appointment, and
the district will cover the costs for up to 6 hours.

List of approved local providers and their contact:

All the contact names and numbers can be found at http://tetonvalleymentalhealth.com/adult-providers/


Megan Christiansen, 208-228-5923 work, [email protected]
Adam Williamson, 208-705-7898 cell, [email protected]