Poetry Out Loud from video
Teton High’s student talent was on full display in the Poetry Out Loud Assembly on Monday, December 9. Twenty competitors had been deemed best in their individual classrooms and earned the right to recite two memorized poems in front of the entire student body.

This is the 13th year Poetry Out Loud has taken place at THS. Our students annually do well at the state competitions, held in the spring. Several Teton High students have even made the trip to the National Competition.

THS teacher Mark Hanson filmed this year’s Poetry Out Loud and compiled the presentations to share the recitations with students, parents, and our community. Each poet is represented in his or her own file. As Mr. Hanson explained, it would have been possible to edit all of them to a single file but this format makes it easier to share individual performances. Here’s the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GroklnryrtpiLOCVpPRE4go2whmPsGR8?usp=sharing

A trio of poetry specialists from Idaho State University came from Pocatello to serve as judges. They determined that Kyran Cates will represent Teton in the state semifinals; Isabella Kennah was 1st runner-up.

Congratulations to those on stage and their teachers for putting together this annual literary treat.