Note: This is a follow-up to this morning’s district Facebook post regarding the Coronavirus info from the State Department of Education:

At Teton School District 401, one of the five sections of our strategic plan relates to the safety of our students and staff. We take any concern about safety extremely seriously.

In relation to the risk of coronavirus, we want our community to know that we have already reached out to professionals within the health field, including Eastern Idaho Public Health and Teton Valley Health, and will continue to work with the State Department of Education. As new developments seem to come up every day, we will be working with these professionals and will continue to communicate with you.

The most important things that EACH of us can do, in every setting, not just at the schools, are to 1) wash our hands and 2) stay home if we are sick.

We recognize that there are many questions about how we are all going to deal with coronavirus. We appreciate that our patrons and parents are engaged with us.

Within the SDE materials posted today, there are a number of resources listed; two of those links are below. Also listed below are links to two TSD policies, #3520 (Contagious or Infectious Diseases) and #3540 (Emergency Treatment), that relate to our management of this kind of health threat.

Please note that 12 states have confirmed cases of the coronavirus. As of this afternoon, there have been no reported cases in Idaho; of the states that we border, Utah has 1 case, Oregon has 2 cases, and Washington has 30 cases. There are also NO cases yet reported in Wyoming or Montana.

Please stay engaged and above all, practice good hygiene and make responsible decisions regarding possible absences from school, to prevent unneeded sharing of germs. If we model these behaviors for our children, they are sure to pick them up from us.


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