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After recent events, both locally and on a national level, I’d like to share a few words. Parents, if you have a minute, would you mind sitting down and please read this letter with your child? Thank you.

On behalf of your teachers, school staffs, and principals, I hope you have a wonderful summer break. I hope it has been filled with things like sleeping out on the trampoline, digging holes in the backyard (aka tiger pits), orange cream-soda burps, and a thousand other awesome summer adventures. With your permission, I’d like to borrow five precious summer minutes to share two things with each of you.

First, you belong here. Every kid who walks through the front doors of the Middle School (or any school in the valley) belongs here. This is your school and we will treat you as such. Your last name doesn’t matter, your skin color doesn’t matter, the length of time you’ve lived in the valley doesn’t matter, your parent’s political party doesn’t matter, your place of origin doesn’t matter.

The only thing that does matter is that you are a kid and you have a right to learn. Period.

As a child you have a right to learn, to develop yourself, and to begin your own “pursuit of happiness.” Our schools will do everything we can to serve and protect this purpose. As an educator, I feel this deep in my bones.
Second, I want to remind each of you that you have infinite potential and immeasurable worth.

This is an important truth that we all need to be reminded of sometimes. There is discussion in the world that can be confusing or lead you to question your place, or sadly, the place of others in our community.

As an educator and principal, I want to be very clear with you and your families that every child belongs, every child has value, and every child will have a place within our doors. Your infinite potential and immeasurable worth will be the only measuring stick that we as educators will use as we work with you.

To you kids, I wish you an amazing rest of your summer. Make sure to take time to go outside and explore this beautiful mountain home, to which we all belong.

“Mr. A” – Brian Ashton, Head Learner, Teton Middle School