Education is what you make it

By Ella Hundere Dahlgren Growing up in Teton County and attending our local schools, I have had dozens of parents ask me if I think my education has been adequate and pepper me with question such as do you think the quality of education you have received will affect your chances of being admitted to your choice college? Do you feel deprived of your [...]

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Legends of the Game honor awarded to 1976 Teton Redskins

One of the best basketball teams in Idaho history was awarded the Legends of Game this past weekend at state championships in Nampa. That team is the 1976 boys' Teton Redskins. The award was created in 2001 to honor historically outstanding athletics for the State of Idaho. It includes boys' teams from up to 30 years ago and girls' teams from up to 20 [...]

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Winter Sports Is A Great Reason To Get Out Of School

There’s a lot of great reasons to get out of class when you are a kid. How about getting out to go skiing? Now how about getting out one day a week for several weeks to ski with your friends? Not into downhill skiing? There’s always ice-skating, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, and swimming to keep you busy and out of school. Winter sports in Teton [...]

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