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Basin High School



510 N 1st East


Driggs, Idaho 83422




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Basic Information


Basin Jr/Sr High School is an alternative high school option for students who meet the state criteria for enrollment.  The State of Idaho defines an alternative high school student as someone who meets 3 of the following criteria: 

  • Has repeated at least 1 grade
  • Has excess absenteeism
  • Has a GPA less than 1.5
  • Has failed one or more subjects
  • Is behind 2 or more credits per year in order to graduate on time
  • Is a limited English proficient student



Basin Jr/Sr High School offers a 46 credit diploma that is approved by the State of Idaho. Students obtain credits through a state approved, independent study format, with assistance from certified staff.


Basin Jr/Sr High School operates on a teamwork basis with Teton High School to provide state approved accreditation, standardized testing and evaluation, supplemental academic assistance through technology, electives and materials.




Basin Jr/Sr High School has a quarter system, with two academic blocks per quarter, each approximately 20 days long. Students have the ability to earn approximately 16 credits in a school year. (2 credits per block)


 Basin Jr/Sr High School students follow the same school calendar as Teton High School.  School begins at 8:20 and ends at 3:00.


 Basin Jr/Sr High School operates by the same code of ethics and expectations as Teton High School, with some differences in the daily operations.


 Basin Jr/Sr High School operates with a Teton School District decision-making team, including: LeaAnn Gomez, Mary Mello, and Lesli Kelly-McCracken.


Contact Information

  • For registration/information call at 208-228-5928
  • Or e-mail us at ...
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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